General Information

UpdatedSaturday October 24, 2020 byThad Alsup.

This page offers some general information on the MPRA Basketball program.  If you have other questions not addressed here, email   We will generally respond within 48 hours.

General Info: This season will be unlike any other.  Please be patient as we work through these difficult times.  Practices will be reduced this season due to the late start. Due to the current circumstances, games may not be able to be made up. There is no guarantee that missed games will be rescheduled. 

The MCC is currently available for use.  Our school partners are still evaluating the use of the facilities for outside organizations.  We will continue to monitor the situation with the schools for potential use this season.  The season may be extended to the end of February due to the potential of limited gym space.  This may also affect the All Star program at the end of the season.  We will not know the exact schedule until we get close to the start of practices. 

COVID Precautions will be updated and communicated as necessary.  Capacity at the facilities will be reduced.  Masks will be required at all times (excluding players on the court) when inside the public facilities.  Each facility has the right to remove anyone not following COVID-19 protocols.

Divisions: MPRA offers the following divisions for basketball, depending on registration.  (All ages are based on age as of September 1st)

  • Coed: 6 & Under (Must be 5 by September 1st to participate)
  • Girls:
    • 8 & Under
    • 10 & Under
    • 12 & Under
  • Boys:
    • 8 & Under
    • 10 & Under
    • 12 & Under
    • 14 & Under
    • 18 & Under

Registration and Evaluations:

Registration has begun and will run through November 13th.  Due to the delays experienced this season, late registration is not expected be offered.  Player evaluations for team selection are scheduled to be held on November 14th.  Exact times will be updated closer to time.

Season Information:

The season is currently planned to run from November 16th to the end of February.  This will be dependent upon the gym space at the start of the season.  Practices for the girls’ teams are expected to begin the week of November 16th due to the County schedule.  Practices for the boys’ teams are planned to start on November 30th.  Games for the girls’ teams are expected to being on December 7th and the boys’ teams on December 14th.  MPRA is still planning to have 10 regular season games and a postseason tournament as usual.

REC Plus:

MPRA is not offering REC Plus for the 2020/2021 season.

All Star Season:

It is not known if MPRA will participate in ARPA All-Stars this season.  There are too many variables to make a decision at this time.