Scholarship Program

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Three college scholarships are awarded each year through competition to assist qualified seniors who have participated in sports with MPRA at Phillips Park.  These one time scholarships are in the amount of $1,500.

Applications must be received by April 30 of each year and can be dowloaded below.

Applications should be submitted to:
MPRA Scholarship Committee
120 Wedgewood Terrace
Madison, AL 35757

Questions should be directed to John Himes at (


                                            Receipients of the MPRA Scholarships 







Blake Chapman

Jackson Beasley

Chandler Shields 







            Emily Davis

          Heather James

        Hannah M. Palmer


Christopher C. Harrison 

Corey T. Lankford 

Jake A. Patterson



Emily Bray

 Lauren Hose

Will Kochevar


Tyler Warmath

Krista Greenemier

Patrick Lymon


Colin Olsen 

Joseph Ivey

Scott M. Smith


Kelsey Lynn Clark

Valerie Gravlee

    Amy Rebekah Gregory


Megan Shirley

Andy Smith

Taylor Vandiver


Vickie Ivey

Richard Seagraves

Shay Gregory


 Mary Sullivan 

Lauren H. Vandiver

Michael W. Weaver


William C. Webster

Jess Mullens

Elizabeth Bedingfield


Kathern Howell

Christopher Seagraves

Laura Stiles


Jesse Bates

Jakarta Robinson

Richard Turner


Lauren Hines

Tara McQuistion

Heather Greenemeier


Pamela Hightower

Jared McKee

Nicholas Seagraves



Laura Howell

Dean McKee

Stephanie Turner

Richard F. Taylor, II


MPRA General Scholarship Fund

The MPRA Board of Directors has authorized the general public to make donations or special gifts to the General Scholarship Fund.  The Board is also encouraging the use of MPRA Scholarship Donations in lieu of flowers to honor the deceased or for special recognition to individuals where money is not a desired consideration.

Types of special donations that may be made to the Scholarship Fund:

a.    One-time donation of $1500 or more to create a special Scholarship in the name of (a very special person or event) can be given to a specific student thru the MPRA Scholarship Program.  This would not be a MPRA Scholarship but would use our established  process to simplify the procedure.
b.    Annual donations in increments of $150 or more to help MPRA increase the annual amount of the Scholarships by 50 or more dollars per year.  The donor would be given special recognition each year during the annual scholarship winner announcements.
c.    After the annual scholarship winners are announced each year, special donations will be accepted for a period of 3 months, to increase the value of specific scholarships for the current year.
Note:  Special donations must be $50 or more unless other wise specified.  General donations may be of any amount.

Other types of special donations may be arranged by contacting the MPRA President, John Himes, at
Note:  All donations are tax-exempt based on your personal tax situation for the tax year.

MPRA Scholarship Application:

MPRA Scholarship Application_Rev2019.pdf