UpdatedThursday February 12, 2015 byMPRA.

Recreation Walking Trail
The Recreation Walking Trail (RWT) encircles the park perimeter and has rest areas and picnic tables for your convince.  The trail is open for public use and you are invited to use it at your discretion.  We ask you to help us keep the park clean by removing your personal trash, to obey the rules posted at the entrance, and to report any damage observed. Dogs are not allowed.

Hours of Operation

    -The RWT is officially open at sunrise and closed at sunset.
    -If the ball field lights are on, the closing time is extended until the lights are out.
    -If the ball park is closed due to inclement weather, the RWT is closed as well.

Walking Trail Length

    -Overall trail length is 0.49 miles

Construction of RWT

    The construction of the RWT was completed on September 16, 2002. The RWT was developed with the aid of a grant from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, (ADECA).  MPRA provided 20% of the projected cost and promised to pay for all future maintenance and upkeep.  The trailhead and dedication sign are located at the west end of the MPRA Headquarters building.