2017 Spring Try-outs

Saturday February 11th

Updated Wednesday February 8, 2017 by Rachael Simons.

Your child WILL need to attend tryouts if any of the following apply:

  • Your child did not play at MPRA in the Spring of 2016.
  • You were notified by MPRA that your previous team is being disbanded.
  • Your child is in their first year of competitive TBall (i.e., did NOT play T-Ball at MPRA in the spring of 2016 or played in the Developmental T-Ball League last season). If your child is playing in the Developmental T-Ball League THIS Season, you do NOT need to attend tryouts.
  • Your child is moving up a league from last season (i.e., T-Ball to Rookie, Rookie to Minors, Minors to Majors).
  • Your child wishes to "play up" into a division above their age appropriate division (e.g. Minors 10U wishes to play up to Majors 11/12).

IMPORTANT FOR PLAYERS DESIRING TO "PLAY UP": You MUST attend the tryout for the division you desire to be in and it is highly recommended that you ALSO attend the tryout for your age appropriate division unless you are a returning player. This is because play-up slots are NOT guaranteed. Players can only request to "play up" a single division step (e.g. 8U to Minors, 10U to Majors, etc.).

Rookie 8U (Age 8 - 2nd Year Machine Pitch)
Location: Rainbow Field
All 8U players eligible to tryout: 9:00 AM

Rookie 7U (Age 7 – 1st Year Machine Pitch)
Location: Rainbow Field
Last Names Beginning Letter A-J: 9:30 AM
Last Names Beginning Letter K-Z: 10:30 AM

Majors (Ages 11-12) 
Location: Strickland Field
Last Names Beginning Letter A-J: 9:30 AM
Last Names Beginning Letter K-Z: 10:30 AM

Minors (Ages 9-10) 
Location: Seagraves Field 
Last Names Beginning Letter A-J: 1:00 PM
Last Names Beginning Letter K-Z: 2:00 PM

Competitive T-Ball (Ages 5-6) 
Location: Rainbow Field 
Last Names Beginning Letter A-J: 12:30 PM 
Last Names Beginning Letter K-Z: 1:30 PM


Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your tryout time to get registered under the pavilion by the concession stand so we can keep tryouts flowing throughout the day.

Tryouts will consist of batting, base running, fielding, and throwing. Please make sure your child has the equipment that they need for tryouts (minimum of a fielding glove). If a player who should be at tryouts does not tryout, then they will be considered random hat picks, which consists of the players name being drawn out of a hat by a coach and assigned to that team. Therefore, it greatly benefits the parity of each league for all eligible players to attend tryouts.

Drafts will take place on Monday, Feb 13th (Majors/Minors) and Thursday, Feb 16th(Rookie / TBall). Practices for all leagues will begin on Saturday, Feb 18th. Your coach will contact you shortly after the draft.